#1 Selling Heat Wave Instant Reusable Heat Packs, ThermaFreeze and Cryosheet Ice Sheets, and Ice Wraptor Ice Wraps


These are by far the best reusable hand warmers I’ve the plastic would significantly degrade but with these the plastic stays strong, soft, and pliable.

Sometimes all my patients need is a quick way to warm up and to get some temporary relief.

I gave them to my kiddo at the halfway point of a ski outing. He was in the pulk and he held them in his mitten. It both kept his hands toasty and he was occupied with squishing it as well. He didn’t complain about it getting too hot. I also used it on another trip to keep my camera battery from getting cold sapped. I was able to take pictures the whole trip and it was -5 when we set out on our journey.

I think the larger back size could be placed over a child in the pulk or at the bottom of a chariot to provide some heat to a child’s feet.

Great product and great service! Thanks!

Great product! I love the fact that it has inside channeling so the gel doesn’t migrate to the ends like my previous neck wrap did.

I was surprised that this actually works. You just click the little button in it, and instant heat!

Hand warmers work great. We use then often.

I will order again in the future.

First-rate product. First-rate service.

Arrived very quickly, and the hand warmers work great for me, I only need them to stay warm for about 40 minutes outside, they stay warm longer than I expected.