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Putting Discs

Putt Maker Putting Discs and Golf Product Development

Putt Maker Putting Discs from Bent Grass Concepts is a putting practice training device.

Putt Maker Putting Discs are like movable golf holes or portable putting targets that fit easily in your golf bag. The discs are designed for use on the practice green, but they can also be used at home or in the office for visual feedback, so you will know when you made the perfect putt.

Putt Maker Putting Drills

Putting Improvement DrillsThe Putting Improvement Drills Booklet can be downloaded, with 17 unique drills (in pictures with text) to help improve your feel, speed, touch, and green-reading on the

Download Booklet

Each drill is short enough to practice before you head to the first tee, but thorough enough to give you plenty of practice. We recommend using 3 distances that you want to work on most.

Putt Maker will test your putting skill to determine how the ball rolled at the ideal speed for sinking a putt. (This is also essential to getting the best sound out of the disc.) Nick Faldo, in Travel + Leisure Golf magazine, wrote that when putting, he imagines “the ball rolling over the cup, as if on a bridge, to finish 18 inches or so on the other side…” to correct the flaw of leaving putts short of the hole.

Putt Maker got me from a 14 Handicap to under a 9

We know that you will enjoy the Putt Maker Putting Discs. But better yet, you will enjoy becoming a better putter and watching your handicap drop.

What they are:

  • For use on practice greens, in home or office
  • Audible and visual feedback when a putt is rolled over a disc
  • Fits inside any golf bag
  • Can be used by individuals, caddies, pros, and junior

How to Use:

  • Putting a ball so that it stops 18 inches past the disc maximizes the odds of the putt being made
  • A ball rolling over a disc will produce a “kerchunk” sound that provides audible and visual feedback as to the proper speed of the putt
  • Following the Putting Instruction Drills Booklet with 3 balls provides up to 48 putts of repetitive putting practice per pattern

Where to Use:

  • You want to putt on a specific area of the practice green
  • There are none or not enough holes
  • You want to practice at home or office
  • You want to practice a specific type of putt like hills, breaks, or specific distances
  • You want your own personalized putting area

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Custom Design? Large Quantities?

Putt Maker Putting Discs can be customized for your organization or event.
New printing capabilities now allow us to print in low quantities in up to 4 colors at low cost. Click to see our pricing chart.
Contact Us for details.