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According to the Florida Poison Information Center in Miami, stings from lionfish can be serious, and should not be taken lightly. Any broken spines should be removed, if possible, and the affected area exposed to heat (100-114 degrees F. or 38-46 degrees C.) for 15-20 minutes. Lionfish venom contains proteins that are denatured by heat, thus preventing them from spreading in the bloodstream.

Heat Wave Instant Reusable Hand Warmers are the leading instant hand warmers to the lionfish hunting industry. They can easily be activated underwater and keep your stung area under intense heat for more than 20 minutes.

On any given day, the heat can slow all of us down, but for my husband Roy who suffers from multiple sclerosis, heat reshapes his entire ability to function. While we live in a fairly cool climate, warm days cause his multiple sclerosis symptoms to worsen. It also makes his core body temperature soar, and when the mercury rises, we have to find creative ways to minimize his suffering.

In the past, I’ve tried using cool cloths on his neck, but the moisture actually created more heat than it reduced. Ice packs were too rigid, and a dish towel filled with a freezer bag full of ice was just too bulky. Since I’m fighting this battle with him, I was determined to find a solution which would give him some relief. Recently, I came across a variety of ice bandanas on eBay and Amazon, but it was the Ice Wraptor Ice Bandanna from Bent Grass Concepts which had the most to offer. I learned that they are the primary distributor of the ThermaFreeze strips, so I knew going to the source was my best bet.

If you’re like many people, heat and multiple sclerosis take a big toll on your energy level and your pain tolerance.


The Ice Bandanna is one of the most inexpensive ways to cool your body and reduce heat-related fatigue. Their ice bandanna has some unique features which set it apart from imitators. First, the material. The bandana is made of two different types of material: the plush outer bandanna which makes tying it around your neck more comfortable and the lightweight perforated inner material which allows the cooling effect to transmit to your skin.

The ThermaFreeze ice strip inserts are also different from the water-filled plastic strips of the past. In the old version, the sealed water capsules eventually leaked making the strip only partially effective. With the ThermaFreeze strips, there is no water to leak out, so these will have a much longer life span than other versions. And since you can change out the reusable ice packs, we bought and froze extra ice sheets to rotate during the day. You can also use the bandanna or their Ice Wraptor Ice Wraps to soothe joint pain. I’ve seen Roy wrap his bandanna over his shoulder as well as tie it around the top of his head to reduce the pain of a heat-related headache. It’s nice to have finally found a product which delivers on its promise.SONY DSC

I also learned that they make instant hand warmers. Like many MS sufferers, my husband has medicine which must be injected daily. The medicine really stings, and our helpful MS support nurse told us to apply heat to the injection site for 5-10 minutes beforehand to reduce discomfort. These Heat Wave Instant Reusable Heat Packs would work perfectly.

I’m so thankful I found these products. Supporting my husband in his fight is my first priority, and I have to thank Bent Grass Concepts for designing practical products which are making a difference in his quality of life.

Guest blog by Tracy Ann Teel


Ice Wraptor ThermaFreeze Ice Bandanas are portable neck ice wraps.  Wear them for  extended periods of time, offering ice cold therapy relief on hot summer days or on demand.  Great for migraines and small joints, too.

ThermaFreeze Ice Inserts are flexible when frozen, to contour to your neck or other body
part for extended cooling relief.SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC

Wondering where to buy our stuff? We sell all of our products off the Bent Grass Concepts Web site here – www.bentgrassconcepts.com but you can also buy off of Amazon.com – just make sure you are buying from Heat Wave Heat Packs Manufacturer – that’s our store name. We are product to have received an Amazon Top Seller Award for 2012 – check out the attached Amazon TopHolidaySeller2012-Award and visit our pages today!

Heat Wave Instant Reusable Hand Warmers help treat
Raynaud’s diease
Raynaud’s disease is a rare disorder of the blood vessels, usually in the fingers and
toes. People with this disorder have attacks that cause the blood vessels to narrow.
When this happens, blood can’t get to the surface of the skin and the affected areas
turn white and blue. When the blood flow returns, the skin turns red and throbs or
tingles. In severe cases, loss of blood flow can cause sores or tissue death. Cold
weather and stress can trigger attacks. Often the cause of Raynaud’s is not known.
People in colder climates are more likely to develop Raynaud’s than people in
warmer areas.NIH: National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute

Treatment for Raynaud’s may include drugs to keep the blood vessels open.

However, there are also simple things you can do yourself, such as: 

  • Soaking hands in warm water at the first sign of an attack
  • Keeping your hands and feet warm in cold weather
  • Use Heat Wave Instant Reusable Hand Warmers for immediate warmth
    and heat on the go

Heat Wave XT is our latest product featuring original Heat Wave instant reusable hand warmer technology. We made the pack 20% bigger in size and stuffed it with 40% more liquid to give you 40% longer lasting heat. These may be too big to fit in your gloves but work great in your hands, pockets and mufflers.

For those with Raynaud’s syndrome, this may be the product to keep you warm when you need it most. We just shipped our first shipment to amazon.com but will have more available for direct purchase next week. Hope you get to try it!

Heat Wave XT Instant Reusable Hand Warmer - extra large, extra long lasting

Heat Wave XT Instant Hand Warmers

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