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#1 Selling Heat Wave Instant Reusable Heat Packs, ThermaFreeze Ice Sheets, and Ice Wraptor Ice Wraps


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Thermafreeze reusable ice sheets can be used for shipping perishablesThermaFreeze SILVER Ice Sheets are flexible, reusable ice packs that are used for cold transport and cold storage.

ThermaFreeze SILVER is an exclusive limited edition opportunity for Bent Grass Concepts only – you wont’t find it anywhere else!

ThermaFreeze is available in economical rolls, blankets, and Large and Extra Large Sheets. You can cut them down to size if you want smaller pieces.

If you are in the distribution business of frozen seafood or other cold storage and transport products, please contact us to discuss purchase in large volume sheets, ice blankets, or entire rolls.

Regular ice packs sweat from evaporation, causing drips, leaks and wetness. ThermaFreeze cools without becoming wet (they stay moist but never wet) so you can keep them on as long as necessary. They also don’t drip like ice so they don’t mix with the food or soak the product needing refrigeration.

Ice Sheets for Packing Cold GoodsThermaFreeze lasts longer than ice, Cryopack, Flexi Freeze and Techni Ice. ThermaFreeze is made in the USA from 100% non-toxic material to provide you safe cooling whenever and wherever necessary.

Ice Blanket is the ability to easily scale the size of the blanket. Applications range from using it to shroud a full pallet load of temperature sensitive product or surround a small product payload box. Our custom Ice Blanket is most often used for shipping maintain cold temperatures to ensure product integrity.

Ice Blanket Ice Blanket Ice Blanket

Their unique design allows them to wrap around a payload to eliminate thermal “dead zones” that are created by traditional gel packs. Applications range from maintaining the payload in a refrigerated condition or can be used to serve as a thermal buffer to help prevent a room temperature product from freezing.

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ThermaFreeze SILVER Ice Sheets Front and Back Ice Sheet in a Roll Ice Sheet in a Roll

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