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#1 Selling Heat Wave Instant Reusable Heat Packs, ThermaFreeze Ice Sheets, and Ice Wraptor Ice Wraps


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Heat Wave Instant Reusable Hand Warmers and Heat Packs

Heat Wave Original Heat PackOur heat packs are designed to fit, comfort, warm, and heal every part of your body.

  • Hand Warmers (3″x5″ or 3″x6″)
  • Medium and Large Rectangles (5″x9″ / 8″x12″)
  • Shoulder, Back, and Neck (6″x18″)
  • Reusable
  • One Click to Heat
  • Boil to Reuse

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Heat Wave Original Instant Reusable Hand Warmer   Heat Wave XT Extra Large, Extra Long Lasting Hand Warmers

We have 2 styles of Hand Warmers – Heat Wave Original (3 x 5”) and new Heat Wave XT – Extra Long Lasting (3 x 6”). Our instant hand warmers are great pocket warmers for cold days, but also great to keep hands warm for carpal tunnel pain and arthritis, Raynaud’s disease, as well as for warming generally cold hands.

Original Hand Warmer: 3″x5″
Extra Long Hand Warmer: 3″x6″


Heat Wave Hand Warmer

Heat Wave Hand Warmer XT

Heat Wave Medium Heat Pack 5 x 9 inchesHeat Wave Large Heat Pack 8 x 12 inches

The medium and large rectangular instant heat packs can be used for: Ankle, calf, knee, thigh, and back pain, as well as general muscle soreness or menstrual cramps. Linear indentations in the hot packs allow the units to adjust to your body part.

Medium Rectangle Warmer: 5″x9″
Large Rectangle Warmer: 8″x12″


Heat Wave Medium Rectangle

Heat Wave Large Rectangle

Heat Wrapteor with Heat Insert

Heat Wraptor

Heat Wraptor Heat Wraps make you and your heat packs mobile, by letting you wear them for extended periods of time, offering hot therapy relief for sore backs, knees, small joints, or bruises and sprains – for packs up to 5 x 10 inches long.

Heat Wraptor + Heat Wave Heat Pack (Medium)

Heat Wave Heat Pack for Neck Shoulder and Back

The universal back / neck / shoulder instant reusable heat pack is excellent for back, neck and shoulder discomfort. The slits in the pack make it ideal for a conforming fit, especially when worn on the lower back.

Shoulder, Neck, and Back Warmer: 6″x18″


Heat Wave Shoulder/Neck/Back

How They Work

Units heat up by squeezing a button in the pack, then turn from liquid to solid. 

They last from 1-2 hours depending on size, but are reusable 500+ times. 

Reactivate by boiling in water for 15+ minutes. No waste, environmentally safe.

Heat Wave Universal Heat Pack works well on neck and shouldersHeat Wave Universal Heat Pack contours to shouldersHeat Wave Universal Heat Packs can be used on other body parts